Recently there have been news reports of an environmental
exposure due to an underground pipe leak in Mayflower, Arkansas.
This hazardous material exposure has left lots of people with
unanswered questions. The truth is the media has not been honest
with you. Those that have come into contact with the bio-hazardous
material have been reported experiencing neurological
dysfunctions, genetic mutations, and changes in physical
appearance. This can only mean one thing. ZOMBIES! The people
infected and dying from contact with this BH-material, are returning
to life as flesh eating zombies, and infecting those that they come
into contact with. We need your help to exterminate and gain
control of the outbreak. If we do not have your help, we will be
overrun by the outbreak of the Undead.

Board the Zombie Annihilation Vehicle and take aim at live roaming
zombies. It is all the fun of paintball without getting shot at or
getting dirty. Have you always wanted to shoot a paintball gun but
were afraid of trying it?  Zombie Hunt AR is for you, it's the fun of
paintball without getting shot. Zombie Hunt AR runs rain or shine
with our covered Zombie-Annihilating trailers. To assist you in the
defense against the Zombie Plague, each ticket gets you one seat
on the Z.A.V., a mounted Hi-powered paintball gun equipped with
100 custom designed paintballs encapsulated with zombie killing
fluid. Entry is $25 per person, suggested age limit 6+(however you
know your child better than we do, so please use discretion).
Participants wishing to enjoy the separate target range and shoot
more than the initial 100 rounds provided on the Z.A.V. may
purchase extra UV-Reactive paintballs for $10 per 100.  Zombie
t-shirts and other items will be available for sale and "The Foxhole"
concession area will be open for hungry hunters.

The Paintball Arkansas Zombie Hunt is Open from 7pm every night
on the dates listed. Please visit and like the FACEBOOK page for
updates and additional info.