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Huge Inventory
Psp regulation style speed ball field

The Largest Paintball Range in the State of Arkansas.  Over 100 acres of
varied terrains set up for extreme adventures.
We have all the gear for to play, for rent or purchase. We can repair your
equipment if you drop it off in advance of the day you wish to use it.
Equipment Rental Packages
Tips for beginners...
First time players should wear a couple of layers
of loose fitting dark or neutral colored clothing.  
Camouflage works well, but it's not needed;
please wear clothes that you do not mind getting
dirty.  Paintballs wash out of clothing, but dirt
may not.
Please wear appropriate foot wear... No
Open Toes Shoes or Sandals.

<<First time players please checkout the video

Have fun and enjoy the game.  If you have any
questions just ask any of our staff.
Open Play Days:
Fridays  Noon to 6pm
Saturdays 10am to 6pm
Sundays   10am to 6pm
Our Pro Shop is open Wednesday-Saturday
11am - 5pm  and Sundays  12 - 5pm

Groups of 10 or more may be reserved for
any day of the week.
Have your own
Equipment ?     
Field Fee  
All Day Air Fills  
$10.00/per tank  
CO2 or Nitro
(3000psi &
All Packages are Per Person

Gun Rental Packages Include:
  • Thermal lens Full  Mask
  • Unlimited HPA Air
  • Protective Vest (if requested and available)
  • Ammo Pack (if requested and available)
  • Play all Day!
  • Tax is included for your convenience on rentals and paintballs
  • Some Packages may be limited to availability *
gear as listed
above and

Super Saver   
Rental gear
as listed
Peace Keeper *    
$55.00     Rental
gear as listed
above and
and a
brand new pair of
thermal lense
goggles for
to keep.
Rental gear
as listed
above and
Armed *
Rental gear as
listed above and   
500 paintballs
1-M 8 paint              
1-EG smoke
Arkansas T-shirt
Dominator *
Play with a Super
Crossover marker
combined with a
14'' sniper barrel,
68/4500  Nitro tank:
Motorized Dye
Rotor Hopper
Thermal full mask
500 paintballs

Can't Get Enough?
Play as long as you want additional paintballs are
available after you purchase one of  these packages

Premium Paintballs
tax included
100 rounds    $5.00
500 rounds    $20.00
1000 rounds    $38.00
2000 rounds    $68.00

Please  notify everyone in your group:       
  Paintballs purchased  any where else
other   than Paintball Arkansas  are not
permitted in the park.
Sorry no exceptions.