We are a kid friendly facility and cater to the beginner player.
Located just outside of
Conway, AR Paintball Arkansas is the largest Paintball
Range in the State of Arkansas.  Covering over 100 wooded acres filled with
bridges,  trenches,  tree houses,  buildings and more.  Paintball Arkansas each year
hosts numerous
Church Groups and Birthday Parties,  as well as Corporate team
building events .

Paintball Arkansas can meet all your paintball needs at one stop.  Not only can we
give you all the best equipment at competitive prices, but all
our staff has many
years experience playing
and can answer most any question you have.

Paintball Arkansas has also hosted large scale
Scenario Games from producers
like Mak's Extreme Sports, Nocturnal Natives and Big "T" Productions.  Various
Police Departments and Corporations have used the facilities at Paintball Arkansas
specialize training and team building exercises.
What we offer at Paintball Arkansas
  • Paintball games from basic to advanced.  Beginner and advanced players are welcome

  • Scenario and Specialized Games custom made to your specifications.

  • Birthday parties with your own private Ref and pavilion.
  • Any outdoor ocassion  we can help you  with your event planning  or  party planning . Just
    reserve on line and let us know how we can help.

  • Food and Drinks are available at our newest addition " The Fox Hole
    cantina"    .

  • Freezer storage so you can store Ice Cream and the Cake until you need them is available
    at the cantina.

  • 100 acres of  playing fields by the likes of Chaos, Fort Splat, The Trenches, Tomahawk
    Village, speed ball and everyone's favorite Ewok Village!

  • On-Site Pro-Shop  filled with the latest Paintball Gear at the best prices around.   

  • An Internet store with a HUGE selection at rock-bottom prices.

  • Laser Tag for younger players. { By reservation only for groups of 10 or more }

  • A great place to have fun!

  • Clean restrooms

  • Serving the Little Rock and central Arkansas communities since 1998

  • Arkansas' Largest Paintball Park