Packages Include:* One Semi-Auto Paintball Gun ready to play.
* One Full Face Mask * Unlimited HPA Air * One Protective Vest (if requested) *
One Ammo Pack (if requested and available)
* Your Own Private guide. * Your Own Private Pavilion. * Play Games only with your
group               * guides work for tips *
Waivers are required for anyone entering the Park     
All Packages are Per/Person .* Some packages are subject to equipment availability and can be
reserved with adequate notice. Package pricing for  less than 10 players
click  here
5.00     Rental
gear as listed
above and
Super Saver   
5.00    Rental
gear as listed
500 paintballs
Peace Keeper *    
$50.00     Rental gear
as listed
above and
and a
brand new pair of
thermal lense
goggles for
you to
Rental gear as
listed above and
1000 paintballs
Armed *
Rental gear as listed
above and     
1-M 8 paint                     
1-EG smoke
1-Paintball Arkansas

Can't Get Enough?
Play as long as you want additional paintballs are
available after you purchase one of  these packages

Premium Paintballs
tax included
100 rounds    $5.00
500 rounds    $20.00
1000 rounds    $38.00
2000 rounds    $68.00
Equipment Rental Packages  tax included
Group Rates require 10 or more players with a reservation.  All the needed     
equipment to safely play paintball is provided. Please read from the lists below to
understand the advantages of reserving a Private Group.

*Please  notify everyone in your group that paintballs purchased  any where else other than
Paintball Arkansas  are not permitted in the park.
Sorry no exceptions .
Tips for beginners...
First time players should wear a couple of layers of loose fitting dark or neutral colored clothing.  Camouflage works
well, but it's not needed; please wear clothes that you do not mind getting dirty.  Paintballs wash out of clothing, but
dirt may not.
First time players should checkout the video below.
Please wear appropriate foot wear... No Open Toes Shoes or Sandals.

Have fun and enjoy the game !
groups who bring their own cake or icecream may store
them in our freezer until you need them .
Text the word "paintball"
30549 to join the VIP
discount club